Readying our urban spaces for the needs of tomorrow

Urbanisation has made cities the focal point for our economies and societies. Knowledge intensive economies with increasing resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions have the opportunity to grow into more sustainable and smarter living and working environments through digitalisation. Smart solutions can improve citizens‘ quality of life, while increasing innovation and competitiveness of our industry.

At the same time, we need to boost the digitalisation of the construction sector. Innovations like Building Information Modelling offers new possibilities for designers and builders to model the material properties of construction materials, leading to a more efficient construction process. 

Smarter cities to the fight against climate change

The AAC industry supports collaborative, integrated smart city planning, the introduction of performance and life-cycle assessments, sustainability assessment, and visualisation of impacts.

The AAC industry in Europe is convinced of the need to more towards smarter cities. Smarter cities can contribute immensely to the fight against climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of our urban environments. We develop smarter, more efficient construction products that save energy and reduce the environmental impact of new buildings. We develop our products to meet the needs of today and tomorrow, and will help make Europe’s cities smarter.

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Election Piotr Dauksza

At a recent meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Association (EAACA), the Committee unanimously elected Mr Piotr Dauksza as the

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