Renovation Estonian National Library


Estonian National Library is a heritage-protected building in Tallinn, which was completed in 1993 as a representative example of Estonian postmodernism.

The building of the National Library is currently closed for complete renovation during 2022-2025. It will be completely rebuilt from the inside, while the original exterior of the building will be preserved. The closed net area of the building is 43,451 m2. All floor plans will be changed according to the new requirements of a modern library. There will be new study rooms, a recording studio, two theater halls and a cinema hall. All technical systems will be updated. New lighting solutions, heating and ventilation systems with high energy efficiency will be installed and the energy efficiency of the entire building will be improved.

Bauroc building materials have been used for building several new walls according to new floor plans. Total volume of delivered bauroc blocks is over 7600 sqm.

Start of construction:2022
Completion of construction:Ongoing, planned to finish in 2025
Location of project:Tallinn, Estonia
Market segment:Public buildings
Type of building:National Library, Renovation Projects
Investor:Estonian government
Architect / Project consultant:Original architects: Raine Karp, Sulev Vahtra. Renovation project architect: Sirkel & Mall
Building contractor:Ehitus5ECO
Solution / application:AAC building blocks for new separating walls according to the new room plan
Products:Various bauroc blocks: CLASSIC, ELEMENT, ACOUSTIC, ECOTERM+, lintels
Special features:Bauroc AAC products were selected thanks to the light weight and fast building speed, but also for the excellent fire resistance