Board & Committees

Compared to many other industry associations, work within EAACA is organised in a very lean and responsive structure in order to ensure efficient use of our members’ contributions.

The administrative team consists of three full time persons including the Secretary General, who oversees the day-to-day operations. Its overall strategy and work programme is defined by the Executive Committee, which is composed of one representative from each member company and meets twice a year.

Operational decisions and content work is being carried out within three dedicated Committees: the Strategy Committee, tasked with defending the interests of the AAC industry on the policy side, the Technical Committee, tasked with developing standards and joint responses to industry challenges on the product side, and the Marketing & Communications Committee, responsible for promoting AAC and EAACA at national and European level.

This structure ensures that member fees are not lost in maintaining a large administration but are used for maximum effect in relevant technical or lobby work that helps shape the European market for AAC products.

Robert Turski
President of EAACA

Strategy Committee

Piotr Dauksza – Chairman

The function of the Strategy Committee is to coordinate all matters concerning the association’s activities and to prepare statements for the Executive Committee. It also works with our consultants in Brussels to determine any existing or proposed European legislation that can affect our members or our members products.

The Committee is responsible for responding to EC consultations and developing policy positions. In recent times, such policy includes:

  • 2030 Climate targets
  • Renovation Wave
  • Construction Products Regulations review
  • Energy related Directives such as the review of the EED and RED.

The content of the Directives and regulations can have either a direct or indirect influence on the market for AAC, and as such we strive to promote and promote our products in the various building markets across Europe to enable a level playing field.


Piotr Dauksza, Board Member
 Chairman of Strategy Committee

Technical Committee

Torsten Schoch – Chairman

The members of the technical committee deal with technical aspects and new developments in
the field of autoclaved aerated concrete, define and specify possible applications for the existing materials, and work on specifications and standards for practical use.

This includes various working groups dealing with the material structure, effects on
the building envelope with regard to energy consumption, and static calculations for costing and planning. Here, technical, planning and economic key data are determined that are important for the further development of autoclaved aerated concrete and its sustainable use worldwide.

Torsten Schoch , Board Member
Secretary General of EAACA
Chairman of Technical Committee

Marketing Committee

Han den Hartog – Chairman

The EAACA Marketing & Communications Committee promotes the interests of producers of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) and their national associations. The Committee wants to share its knowledge and expertise on several topics. Our activities are structured around the key topics: environment, carbon footprint, competitiveness and connectivity.

Primary target groups are current and potential members. Secondary communication groups are e.g. EU policy makers, standard bodies (CEN), specialized press and educational organisations.

Han den Hartog
Chairman of Marketing Committee