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By becoming a member of EAACA, your organisation would gain direct access to these Committees, their work, and an opportunity to exchange experiences, gain fresh perspectives  or even collaborate with industry peers. In addition, you will be able to receive the following benefits:

  • Regular updates on policy and regulatory developments at EU level with recommendations tailored to your business needs
  • Professional advocacy support to help defend your interests at European level and help solve any challenges you might face linked to regulation and standards
  • Marketing, media relations and event organisation
  • Membership and a voice in important organisations such as CEN, FireSafeEurope, Industry4Europe and the European Masonry Alliance
  • An international AAC conference bringing together industry partners, experts, customers, architects and designers to discuss the latest trends, innovations and challenges for AAC

Finally, by becoming a member of EAACA, you would also join forces with other AAC producers across Europe thus strengthening the association and providing it with more resources to defend the interests of AAC producers against competing materials. Further EAACA is a member of or works with various organisations, such as:

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