Sustainable AAC constructions

Recently AAC Worldwide organized its first session on autoclaved aerated concrete at ICCX digital 365. Cliff Fudge, vice president of the European AAC Association, held a presentation on sustainable AAC constructions.

This presentation focused on how AAC can be used to provide sustainable low energy homes and buildings, using the materials inherent properties of thermal insulation, airtightness, durability, fire resistance and thermal mass. He told AAC can be used in many different formats from cavity to solid walls using masonry units and reinforced elements and components. Recent innovations according Fudge include products that can be used to refurbish existing buildings. AAC can also make a positive contribution during its lifetime by taking CO2 out of the environment in use.  In addition, the material has important characteristics associated with end of building life that can make a positive benefit to the Life Cycle Analysis and Circular Economy.