Campaign website „Urban Transformation“ is live!

EAACA has launched new website around their campaign ‘Urban Transformation’. The Urban Transformation Campaign is EAACA’s commitment to transforming urban spaces by tackling key challenges, such as climate change, progressive urbanisation, low quality post-war housing, ageing societies, environmental degradation and digitalisation.


The aims of this campaign are:
1. Building  a communications platform to speak about EU policy in relation to the construction sector.
2. Tell a story about the construction sector that implicitly inserts AAC as a preferred product in EU debates around:
a) Strengthening sustainability in the construction sector.
c) Reducing the carbon footprint of Europe’s building stock.
c) Ensuring the competitiveness of Europe’s construction sector.
d) Increasing the connectivity as part of a ‘smarter’ built environment.
3. Engage with other stakeholders to amplify policy asks


On the website you find the ‘Manifesto Urban Transformation’. This is the heart of the campaign. You can download the complete Manifesto Urban Transformation Campaign of EAACA.


During the campaign we give you updates about  about the themes ‘Sustainability’, ‘Carbon Footprint’, ‘Competitiveness’ and ‘Connectivity’ in in the context of urban transformation and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. Follow our newspage.

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