Statement on Smart Cities

Cities are a focal point for our economies and societies at large, because of on-going urbanisation, the trend towards knowledge intensive economies as well as their growing share of resource consumption and emissions.

We, as responsible actors in the urban area, need to find smart solutions to:

  • improve citizens‘ quality of life
  • increase the competitiveness of Europe’s industry and innovative companies
  • contribute to sustainability and the EU’s energy and climate targets for 2020 and 2030

EAACA and its members therefore support the European Smart Cities Initiative by:

  • Developing smarter, more efficient construction products that save energy and reduce the environmental impact of new buildings
  • Sharing knowledge on innovative products and technologies
  • Help develop new standards for modern and sustainable building designs
  • Support collaborative, integrated smart city planning
  • Introduce performance and life-cycle assessments, sustainability assessment, and visualisation of impacts
  • Provide construction materials for future centuries

All our products are developed to fulfil these criteria and will help make Europe’s cities smarter.

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