New EAACA members

In 2013 Israel and Azerbaijan joined EAACA as associated members.

After independence of Azerbaijan AAC Baku is the first producer of autoclaved aerated concrete in the Caucasus region. YTONG is market leader in the building field in Israel.

EAACA now represents AAC producers from 18 full member countries and 2 associated member countries.

The 5th International Conference of Aerated Autoclaved Concrete (AAC)

‘Securing a Sustainable Future’ has already finished. It was initiated and organized by the Concrete Producers Association (SPB) in cooperation with the European Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Association (EAACA), Center of Research and Development CEBET of the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials and the University of Technology and Life Sciences  in Bydgoszcz in order to honor the 60th anniversary of the AAC industry in Poland.  SOLBET group was the sponsor of the event, which being the biggest producer of this outstanding material in Poland and one of the biggest in Europe, feels responsible for its development.


5th International Conference on AAC

The Conference (15-16 September 2011, Bydgoszcz, Poland) will focus on all aspects connected to materials, production, products and properties, construction, the finished building performance, durability and sustainability with emphasis given to low energy and sustainability building, natural and abundant, raw materials, fire resistant, reuse and recycling, sound insulation, high resource and energy efficiency. The Conference will take place at the University of Technology and life Sciences in Bydgoszcz.

New member

In 2010 the Romanian AAC association PROBCA joined eaaca. Romania is one of the strongest AAC producers in Europe providing more than 2 Million cubic meteres every year. EAACA now represents the AAC producers from 18 countries.

6ICAAC 2018 in Potsdam

From the 4th to the 6th of September 2018 in Potsdam, Germany will be held the 6th International Conference on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

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New category Recommendations

Prepared by our Technical Committee you will find under this new category recommendations for design of reinforced AAC.

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Earthquake statement

Lightweight-Construction materials improve earthquake Resistance in Buildings: In 2016, a series of devastating earthquakes in Italy led to the harrowing loss of life. This tragedy was partially the result of the buildings and infrastructure being severely damaged in the process.

Download this file (2016 Earthquake statement.pdf)EAACA Earthquake statement310 kB
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Renewed EU Indstrial Strategy - EAACA signs Joint Paper

EAACA signs Joint Paper “For an ambitious EU industrial strategy: going further”: In September 2017, the European Commission outlined its ambition for a renewed EU Industrial Strategy in its Communication on “Investing in a smart, innovative and sustainable Industry”.

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EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2018 will take place from 4 to 8 June 2018 in Brussels.

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Sustainable Energy Week 2017

... took place between 19 and 25 June 2017. See more at

Organised by local public and private organisations, Energy Days are activities and events that raise awareness of energy efficiency and renewables.

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