EU Sustainable Energy Week High Level Policy Conference

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The EU needs better policy to unlock zero energy buildings’ potential | Joint Press Release

The Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Industry and Builders’ merchants call for clear definitions of energy efficient buildings and financial support for sustainable logistics.

Press-Release-EUSEW EAACA UFEMATEnergy consumption reduction in the building sector along the supply chain requires pragmatic solutions, but the EU is still to deliver. This is the main conclusion stemming from the High Level Conference jointly organized on 25 June by the European Aerated Concrete Association (EAACA) and the European Association of Builders’ Merchants (UFEMAT), as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

EAACA President Jos Cox explained that “as long as there is no harmonised definition of what constitutes a near Zero Energy Building or a clear and coherent framework to assess the energy performance of a building, the construction products industry will face enormous challenges in developing and selling more efficient products.”

To support policy makers in establishing a harmonised definition, EAACA published today the results of a pilot project on plus energy buildings that is conducted in cooperation with the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development. The results show that zero or even plus energy buildings can be achieved by using conventional building envelopes in combination with renewable energy sources like heat pumps and solar panels.

EAACA therefore calls for a long-term regulatory framework that considers all elements of a building and not only its thermal performance (u-value), sets realistic standards based on real world experience and is technology neutral to allow for competing and innovative solutions.

UFEMAT Secretary General Marnix Van Hoe explained the impact on the supply chain: “25% of all lorry traffic on public roads are related to construction. To realise the large decarbonisation potential that lies within the distribution of construction products, the industry needs financial support for developing more efficient solutions. Inserting sustainability criteria in tender processes could be a first step in this direction”.

UFEMAT calls on policy makers to improve the conditions for the training of merchants to ensure information and expertise is passed on along the supply chain. These measures can be further strengthened by implementing a European building materials database for the exchange of construction related information like products characteristics and safety requirements.

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