Living Tomorrow

living tomorrow1EAACA invited participants to a policy debate combined with a visit of the “Living Tomorrow” building near Brussels. This is a very innovative ‘House of the Future’ made of AAC, which integrates sustainability concerns in its architecture and equipment.

Jos Cox, the president of EAACA, briefed participants about the many advantages of using AAC in construction, from the limited use of resources in the production process to the high energy savings achieved during a building’s use and the recycling and reuse of potential AAC waste.

Antonio Paparella, from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry, presented the integrated “Lead Market Initiative” on sustainable construction. He detailed the policy’s contribution to creating favourable market conditions for the development of innovative building solutions. An ambitious roadmap incorporates policy tools as diverse as legislation, public procurement, standardisation or systemic policies to achieve progress until 2011.

Gemmeke De Jongh, content manager with Living Tomorrow, informed the attendees of the nature and history of the “Living Tomorrow” project, before giving them a guided tour of the building.
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